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Team Benbo are specialists in online coaching for body transformations and contest preparation catering for men and women of all levels supporting them to achieve their chosen goals. Team Benbo represents a diverse range of clients from individuals who want to achieve fat loss, strength athletes, British champions, world championship fitness competitors, GB Invictus sporting athletes and more. Team Benbo represents a strong client family network, loyalty, support and optimal results. Be sure to visit the 'transformations' page to see what you can achieve with your physique! 

Lead by example. 
Don't dictate - stimulate creativity & self motivation.
"Coaching is not something you do to an athlete - it's something you do with the athlete. It's a partnership. It's teaching, it's a process - a journey developing the complete athlete- physically, mentally and emotionally."


Provides you with extensive support to get you in the best condition for your competition class; it includes:
  • 12 weeks of coaching to competition standard (may take longer dependent on start condition).
  • Weekly check ins. 
  • Same day replies for any support needed.
  • Post show advice and goal setting. 
  • Daily check ins for your peak week.
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Provides you with an extensive coaching service for any goal; this may be: 
  • Muscle gain.
  • Fat loss. 
  • Sports specific training.
  • Rehab from an injury 
  • Off season progression.
This service is renowned for its 12 week "Body Transformations."
Weekly check ins or once monthly

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Provides you with an extensive custom made plan to fit your specific requirements. 
  • We DO NOT believe in copy and pasting or generic programs.
  • We tailor plans to ensure our clients adhere to them whatever their busy lifestyles may throw at them. 
  • Plans are simple yet effective to follow.
  • We cover all aspects of your training, diet and supplementation. 
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  • Diet was very good and I was able to alternate different meals with other options Ben suggested if I didn't fancy certain foods that day, training was on point and loved the strategy and focus it gave me.

    Rebecca Andrews

  • I spoke to Ben as I was fed up of feeling crappy all the time. My diet was awful and the only time I went in a gym was if I was lost. Now I'm using the gym 4-6 times a week, I've got more energy and I'm feeling much stronger.

    Steve Martin

  • Coming from a very complex health background I have to be careful with certain foods and supplements. Ben took the time to taylor a plan that would suit me and my guidelines. I'm 4 days in and have already dropped 3kg.

    Amy Kate Wood

  • I have gone from being a dedicated couch potato (& custard cream addict!) and skeptical as to whether I would cope with the change of lifestyle, to loving the healthy eating & looking forward to going to the gym!

    Nicola O'Connor

  • Very professional and friendly team with years of experience and lot of knowledge, always ready to answer any questions. Now my motivation is back and I know I have best coaching team to help me.

    Darek Praefort

  • Absolutely fantastic, most knowledgeable PT I've ever come across and trained with! No pressure selling for the next session or plan, just focused on making sure you get 110% out of the session in hand. Highly recommend!

    Chris Eaton

  • Just completed a 12 week plan and couldn't fault the service from Team Benbo! Supportive and always there whenever I needed advice through out the whole thing! 100% recommend them!

    Steph Anderson

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